Kindle Publishing: Microsoft Office Picture Manager

Microsoft Office Picture Manager is a vastly underestimated piece of software.

While it isn’t a complete photo-editing tool, some claim that it is superior even to Photoshop for some tasks.

I don’t know about that, but I do know that it is a lot faster than Photoshop, and it will do everything we need to do minor edits and compress, re-size, and install our photos into our MS Word document.

Microsoft Office Picture Manager has been included with Microsoft Office Suite since the 2003 edition, so it’s likely you already have it on your computer and may not even know it.

To find out, right-click on a photo and select “Open With”, then look for Microsoft Office Picture Manager in the displayed list.

If you don’t have it, and aren’t ready to buy the entire Microsoft Office Suite,  you might try doing a Google search for “Microsoft Office Picture Manager”.

I did that, and saw a lot of “free downloads” offered.

I don’t know what the deal is, since it’s not a free  program… maybe it’s an early version that Microsoft is letting them sell that way… or maybe it’s a come-on to sell you the complete Microsoft Office Suite.

You’d do better, though, to buy Microsoft Office Suite 2003 at Amazon.

We will be using Microsoft Office Picture Manager in later lessons as I write about the Easy as Pie way to install photos into your MS Word document.

I'm suggesting  the old  Microsoft Office Suite 2003, because it's about $200 cheaper than Microsoft Office Suite 2007, and also because some of the reviews for 2007 make me reluctant to upgrade.  One reviewer said it was so friendly that she thought she'd received the kindergarten version.

Unless you are a total beginner, in which case, the friendly approach may be welcome,  I'd suggest you read this book  Microsoft Office Suite 2010  and decide if you want to wait for the 2010 edition.

Microsoft Office Professional 2003 [OLD VERSION]


  1. Hi CJ:
    Would you please comment? I'm on Mac/Word 2004.
    I've saved Mac Word html files to calibre for Mobi output downloaded into the Kindle Previewer. Photos in book are formatted 'inline with text.'

    This works fine except when viewed for different devices and orientations through the Previewer. On some devices and with the horizontal orientation, the photos move from centered to the left margin.

    Is there a way to lock in the centered position keeping 'inline with text' no matter what the device or orientation?

    Thank you,


  2. Catherine,

    Since I don't use Mac, I can't be sure, but I have an idea for you to try.

    Check back later today on the main page of this site:

    I'll have something there about how to embed pictures using Microsoft Office Picture Manager.

  3. Catherine,

    And... any others having problems with images:

    Here is something to try:

    I have prepared a file of several pages of images with my suggested format applied that you can test.

    To download a free copy, to see how these formats will display on your own device:

    Send an email to:

    In the Subject Line, put "Requesting “Illustration with Caption” Free Download.

    I'll send you a link where you can download the file in Kindle format, to test on your own device.