About This Site

As owner and operator and now largely retired, chief writer of a small documentation company, I still love to do what I do best...

That is … create beautiful books.

That's what this site is about... how to cut through the malarkey and misinformation you see posted around the Internet, to create a beautiful Kindle eBook.

I spent most of my career years helping writers prepare their books for publishing, and helping publishers put together their books to be published. That gave me a solid background in book preparation before there ever was such a thing as an eBook, much less a Kindle eBook.

When the Kindle arrived, I was excited, seeing it as a way for writers to take control, rather than endlessly waiting for decisions from agents and publishers.

For the first time, our writing careers are in our own hands,

All we have to do is prepare our books to be published on the Kindle. 

That's easy, because there are articles and videos all over the Internet, right?


Yes, there is "how to publish to the Kindle" information all over the Internet, but much is misleading, more is a mishmash, and some just totally wrong.

That's probably because the eBook industry is so new.

In the beginning, as I tried to format my own books, I tried to follow tutorials and advice I found on the forums.

If everyone is saying the same thing, then it must be true, I thought... 

But no, I finally realized, everyone was saying the same thing because they were all copying each other.

If the first guy got in wrong, they all got it wrong. 

So, why should you trust me? 

Because I put everything to the test before I post it.  I’ll talk more about my testing later, but for now, just believe that I won't post anything that I haven't tested myself. 

How to use this site:

Most articles were written as needed… in response to questions on various forums, so they aren't always in a  1-2-3 sequence.

To find what you need, scan the titles and short descriptions displayed at the bottom of the screen, and/or enter a few words into the Search Box  just below the Birds on a Tightrope.

Some articles here can be classified as "additional information", and some are shorter, more concise presentations for people who don't need the detailed step-by-step presentations of the original articles.

Some may interest you, some may not, but for now, if you have a MS Word file that you want to convert to Kindle format, you probably should start with the detailed steps here:

Later, no matter where you are on this website, you can just click illustration of the Birds on a Tightrope, to go back to that list of detailed steps.

Each time you do that, remember the message of the birds on a tightrope:

Don’t get distracted… just take one step at a time…

One step at a time makes Kindle Publishing as Easy as Pie.