Create Kindle ebook with MS Word or work with HTML… which is best?

You will hear it wherever Kindle formatting is discussed… “Avoid MS Word” and “HTML is the only way to go.”

Neither is true…

MS Word is your best and easiest route to a perfectly-formatted Kindle ebook.

Even if you eventually go to HTML (if you have a complicated book, or you want a fixed-format book), a well-formatted MS Word file is still the best first step.

While you can’t actually avoid HTML, since it is internal to Kindle, you don’t, for most books, need to touch the HTML… and you may not even realize it’s there.

That would include most fiction and narrative non-fiction.

A more complicated book, such as one with tables or charts or complicated math, may require some editing of the underlying HTML Usually, this can be done with a “moderate” understanding of HTML.

Amazon’s new Kindle Format 8, which allows the creation of fixed-format books, such as double-page children’s books and graphic novels, requires some actual knowledge of HTML.

What then, can you do without learning anything about HTML?

Here are some examples of books, that while, not overly complicated, do contain pictures, so are not the simplest of books… but they were all formatted entirely in MS Word.

Books formatted for Kindle, using MS Word

Child's Story of the Bible

A Donkey Named Minnie, A Photo-Story for People Who Love Donkeys

Here are some books Created with Amazon’s New Format 8

I don't do Format 8 conversions, nor at the moment, even write tutorials on the subject, so, for now, your best bet, if you need something like this is to ask Hitch, at

The digital editions of the following books are by

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