Photos Missing from Kindle ebook: Camera Icon and a Red Triangle Instead, part 1

Have you had this happen to you? You publish your Kindle ebook, and look eagerly for those great photos you included, only to find your photos missing... and little cameras and red triangles instead.

I had that happen to me, recently. I was writing a tutorial to show how to use MS Word graphics in a Kindle ebook. I saved my Word Doc as HTML ("Web Page, filtered.htm, html)", and uploaded the htm file (Tutorial.htm) to the Amazon KDP Publishing platform.

 To my great disappointment, some of the pages looked like the picture below.

The problem was that I had uploaded only the text portion of my file.  MS Word had put my graphics in a separate file, and I had forgotten to upload it.

The solution is easy.

When you save a Word Doc file as HTML (Web Page, filtered. htm), it creates two files, putting the text in one file and the pictures in a separate file -- it's actually a folder" -- with the same name, but with "_files" at the end of the name.

The solution is to "select" both files (making sure you don't also select the DOC file) and zip them together.

Then upload that zipped file to the Amazon KDP Publishing platform.

I'll show you how in pictures, next. Photos Missing from Kindle ebook: Camera Icon and a Red Triangle Instead, part 2


  1. Thank you. You are the first person to explain it clearly to me. The only other issue I now have is why pictures are not all showing up in the right place.


    1. Be sure your pictures are inserted "in line with text".

      Pictures not inserted "in line with text" may not stay exactly where you inserted them.

  2. This worked perfectly for me. I was banging my head against a Thanks so much!

  3. I found the two files, but do not know how to upload and zip them together. Can you help?

  4. Hi Merrill,

    Yes... I can help!

    Part 2 of this article shows how to select both files and zip them together.

    Look at the bottom of this article to see the link to Part 2.

  5. I upload my HTML to KDP and all the formatting was great. Half of the images showed up but half had a red x so I created the zip file and the half that appeared in the HTML file were missing from my image folder. There was a title like 016.jpg but no image and the properties were 284p x 1 p. The other images that did not appear in the uploaded HTML file were in the zip image folder. I can't find any answers to this problem. Any ideas?

    1. houget,

      If you are seeing a red x, that usually means that the image is missing from the expected location on your computer.

      So... the first thing to do is go back to your original manuscript and make sure all images are in the correct folder.

  6. How do I make sure they are in the right folder? Do I delete and reinsert them?