MS Word Directly to Amazon KDP: Create a Table of Contents for Kindle, Using MS Word 2010 TOC Wizard

NOTE: Other Word Processor may use slightly different procedures:

See Links below for MS Word 2003 and Atlantis Word Processor:

How to Create a Table of Contents (TOC) Using MS Word 2003

Create a Table of Contents with Atlantis Word Processor

Follow procedure below for MS Word 2010:

In this article, we create a Table of Contents, using the MS Word 2010 TOC wizard. We look again at our test file to preview the Heading tags we have entered that we want to include in the Table of Contents.
Review your file and tag all Chapter Titles or Poem Titles that you want to appear in the Table of Contents.

Scroll through your file to be sure you have tagged all Titles that you want in the Table of Contents.

Click References on the Ribbon Menu, then Choose Table of Contents at the far left.

When the Drop Down box appears, click Table of Contents, near the bottom of the list.

Choose how many levels you want for this Table of Contents, and clear the tick box to show that you don't want page numbers in your Table of Contents

Your Table of Contents appears at the point in your file where you clicked your cursor.

Now, we must add a Bookmark to first line of the Table of Contents to tell the Kindle how to find it.

Click your cursor at just before the first letter of the Table of Contents title, then, from the Ribbon Menu at the top of the screen, click the Insert Tab to display the Insert Menu, then, from approximately the center of the ribbon, choose Bookmark.

Type toc into the window and click OK.

Notice at the lower left is a tick box to tell the software to make Bookmarks visible. 

When you save the file, the TOC will be re-built with a TOC bookmark where you placed it.

In the illustration below, note the vertical I-Bar just before the T of Table of Contents (below).

You are now ready to create a Sample to test and proofread... then if all is well, publish your book to Amazon KDP.

Upload Kindle eBook to Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, Overview

This is one of those tasks that looks and sounds harder than it is. But... despite the fact that it is quite easy if you are prepared, it's even easier to cause yourself real trouble if you aren't prepared.


  1. My apologies: your instructions are correct.
    Only in ONLINE PREVIEWER is the GO TO functional.
    Thanks for the help.

  2. Thanks for taking the "mystery" out of Kindle formatting!!!