Photos Missing from Kindle ebook: Camera Icon and a Red Triangle Instead, part 2

Please see Part 1:
Photos Missing from Kindle ebook: Camera Icon and a Red Triangle Instead, part 1

As we saw in Part 1 of this article, it's necessary to take a little extra care when uploading a file that contains pictures... or graphics of any kind.

If you upload your MS Word DOC file directly to Amazon's Direct Publishing Platform, your pictures will be included in your Kindle book... so no problem there.

But, if  you decide, for some reason, to convert your MS Word file to HTML before uploading it, you need to take an extra step.

If you upload only the file named *.htm, your pictures will not be included in your Kindle book.

Instead, you will see camera icons and red triangles instead of your graphics, similar to the page below:

Double-Click on any image to make it large enough that you can read Menu Items.

The best way to fix this problem is... just don't let it happen in the first place... so let's start at the beginning.

Let's say you have completed your book and are ready to upload it to Amazon.

The first step is to create a new folder named "Upload to Amazon".

Note: It's a very good idea to have this as standard practice.  Always use the same folder to upload files to Amazon.  That way, the Amazon KDP will always know where to look.
Copy (don't move) your MS Word DOC file and Cover file to it when you are ready to publish, leaving your originals in a safe place.  After you've finished publishing this book, move its files elsewhere, to leave this folder empty for the next publishing job.  Unless you are the most organized person on the planet, this simple tip will save you much time in searching for files.

Next, copy your manuscript... your MS Word DOC file, to this new, empty folder leaving your original file in its working folder... so you know it's safe.

Below is my MS Word DOC file, CJ's Easy As Pie Fonts & Images Tutorial.doc, copied into the "Upload to Amazon" folder.

Now, I open my doc file and save it as: "Web page filtered".

Now, when I check the contents of the folder "Upload to Amazon", I see that it has three files in it.

CJ's Easy As Pie Fonts & Images Tutorial_Files
CJ's Easy As Pie Fonts & Images Tutorial.doc
CJ's Easy As Pie Fonts & Images Tutorial.htm

Actually, one is a folder named with the same name as the others, with "_Files" at the end. (underscore and the word "Files").

The "CJ's Easy As Pie Fonts & Images Tutorial_Files" Folder has my images in it.

Here is where it is so easy to go wrong... If I were to grab that *.htm file, and upload it to the Amazon KDP, I'd get a Kindle ebook, all right... but it would have no pictures in it...instead it would have camera icons and triangles as shown in the first picture on this page.

Let's look inside to be sure are my images all there:

Right-click on "CJ's Easy As Pie Fonts & Images Tutorial_Files" and choose "Open".

Yes... my pictures are there.

The next step is to zip those two files together: That is, the *.htm file and the "_Files" folder.

We do that by selecting both of them -- using great care to be sure we don't also select the DOC file -- Right-Click, and, from the fly-out Menu box, choose "Send to Compressed (zipped) Folder.

The zipped folder that appears will be named for which of the files your cursor was on before you right-clicked.  I like to choose the "_Files" name, because I can look at the zipped file later and know that it has images in it.

Just one more picture... then you are ready to upload your Kindle book.

After you choose Send to Compressed (zipped) folder, your Folder will now include your new zip file.

The icon at the end of the line is a folder with a tiny zipper.

THAT's the file to upload to Amazon KDP.


  1. You upload the .zip folder that contains both the images folder and the .htm file?

  2. For a week I've been "religiously" watching the camera/icon show up. Nothing seemed to work... convert jpg to gif, resize pixel counts, etc, including doing a trial with photoshopCC. NO AVAIL!

    Dunno what prompted me to create the webpage, filtered from docx but suspect I was simply "following orders."

    Bottom line: in FRUSTRATION (published but still no pricing, still camera/icon) started freaking out and LUCKED onto your note.

    Kisses all over. Words will never express the kind thoughts that are flowing your way. Thank you ever so much.

    Now to start tweaking Wonderful Counselor (eschatology) in a meaningful way...

    1. Thanks, Pete,

      That was fun to read!

      I just wish it were easier to convince more people of how easy it is to publish to the Kindle.

  3. Hello, hope you can help me. I have uploaded my word doc to kindle and all the formatting and jpegs look terrific. However, a two thin black lines for a 90 degree angle to the right of nearly all of the JPEG images I've populated and do not know how to remove them. Very much appreciate any assistance. Thanks, Jim

    1. Mike,

      I've seen that before... in some images, but not all... and it is a mystery yet to be solved.

      However, if the doc (or docx) file is saved as html (web page filtered), the lines go away.

      If you do that, be sure to go through the entire procedure, as explained here in this 2-part article.

  4. I came across your site and was so excited to see that you obviously know a lot about Kindle formatting. Is there any way that you could give me some guidance? It would be much appreciated!!

    I am formatting my first Kindle book and have a question on formatting. I am using Microsoft Word 2010.

    I feel that I have the Heading 1, Heading 2 and Normal styles correct, but obviously not

    The text in the Kindle Previewer shows up great when it is only text. On the chapters where there are images and text...some of the images have the text that should be on the line below the image, showing up next to the image on the right hand side. It is not like this on all the images, but about half of them.

    I clicked on each image and chose Position and Inline with Text. Not sure if this is correct. I just read that somewhere.

    Maybe has something to do with indenting, but I thought I took care of that with the Styles settings.

    Just can't figure it out. Thank you all SO much for your help!!

    1. Scott,

      You are on the right track when you insert your photos "in line with text"...

      But you also need to make sure to tag your photos with their own paragraph tag to hold it in place to the left or centered... and with space above or below if you want that,

  5. CJ,

    I'm not sure I commented right. And, in fact, I don't think I did. Here's my e-mail address as you can see. Any help you can offer would be gratefully accepted. My husband would be grateful, too. In fact, so would my dog. . .

    1. Christine,

      I can't see your email address... the software hides it... so the only way I can get it is if you type it in...

      It will then appear in your message to me... but I won't let it go public... so it will still be hidden from public view.

      You have come to exactly the right place to get your answers... read this article... and, for further confirmation, read the messages here at the end... other people had your same problem... and were also extremely frustrated and agitated... and found the answers here.

      Be sure to look for both parts of the article. I had to break it into two articles because the illustrations made it so big.

      I know it seems like a lot of trouble... and it is... but that's the way to create a beautiful Kindle ebook... just take the steps one at a time and be sure to do them all... like the big bird says to the little bird on the front cover of this website... "Don't look down" (don't get scared")... "one step at a time is the secret to a beautifully-formatted Kindle ebook.

  6. Thanks CJ! That was easy as pie. And it worked perfectly! I appreciate you posting this.

  7. Thanks! It worked! You saved me an evening of frustration. :)

  8. OMG you are a lifesaver! I've bookmarked your site!

  9. Ok, I have the text and photo files zipped together. Now how do I use the Kindle previewer to see the completed work? The Kindle previewer is not letting me use the zipped file to convert, and the 'web' file doesn't show the photos.

  10. Good evening. Tremedously helpful stuff on here, but so far I haven't managed to make it work. My book has a large number of images within it. Createspace sent the book to kdp where it appears on the previewer kindle screen with some incorrect page breaks and erratic paragraph indentation.Decided to upload it directly myself. Never ever had any unload problems with kdp before, but this time it keeps saying "We could not process your file. Please try later." It's possible this is a signal/ bandwidth issue, although I have tried several times over the last 24 hrs with the same result. Createspace advised me to save the original as "web filtered" and try again. It uploaded very quickly....and, yes, no pictures, just as you describe here. OK, so I work out how to make a zip file (thanks - very clear instructions) and try again...but STILL kdp says it cannot process the file. This last time, it took about 90 minutes before it came to that conclusion. Driving me absolutely crazy; ready to put the 7llb hammer through the screen! Any suggestions gratefully received!