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2. Rights & Pricing

Content Rights

Select the territories for which you hold rights: (What's this?)


How do I know which territories I hold rights for?
You should select those territories in which you hold the necessary rights to publish your book. The period of copyright protection varies between countries, so if you are publishing a public domain title, ensure you set your territory rights accurately.

Royalty Option

Please select a royalty option for your book. (What's this?)

You can select either the 35% royalty option or the 70% royalty option. For details on these royalty options and the requirements for each, see the Pricing Page and Terms and Conditions.
*See the FAQs for more information about rates and fees.

How are royalties calculated?
If you select the 35 percent royalty option, royalties will be equal to 35 percent of your List Price. If you select the 70 percent royalty option, royalties will be equal to 70 percent of your List Price, less Delivery Costs. But if we sell the book at a price that is below the List Price (after deducting 15% (the statutory Luxembourg VAT rate) for sales to UK customers) to match the price at which a third party sells any digital or physical edition of the book or our price for a physical edition of the book, you will receive 70 percent of our sale price for each eligible book sold to US and UK customers , less Delivery Costs, and less 15% (the statutory Luxembourg VAT rate) for sales to UK customers. Royalties for sales to non-US and –UK customers are calculated based on the 35 percent royalty option. For full details see the Pricing Page and Terms and Conditions.

What is the delivery cost for?
Delivery costs are based on file size and assessed on a per unit basis. Delivery costs will only be assesed if you have selected the 70 percent royalty option.

Kindle Book Lending

Details Screen Pop-up

Kindle Book Lending FAQ
What is Kindle Book Lending?
The Kindle Book Lending feature will allow users to lend digital books they have purchased through the Kindle Store to their friends and family. Each book may be lent once for a duration of 14 days and will not be readable by the lender during the loan period. All DTP titles are enrolled in lending by default. For titles in the 35% royalty option, you may choose to opt out of lending by deselecting the checkbox under ‘Kindle Book Lending,’ but you may not choose to opt out a title if it is included in the lending program of another sales or distribution channel. For more details, see section 5.2.2 of the Terms and Conditions.


  1. Thanks a bunch CJ! I followed your directions, used MobiCreator, and within 1 hour - published my first book on Amazon. This was super easy.

  2. Thank you Traci!

    It truly is super easy... or as I might have said once or twice... as easy as pie.

    The only difficult thing is to convince people that it really is that easy if they just take one step at a time... don't get distracted and jump off to try other things (don't look down, as the big bird is telling the little bird), and take little bitty bird-size steps.

    I took a look at your website... some very exciting looking books there!

  3. Very useful site, but I was hoping to get an insight into where to set the price when I upload to Kindle a conventionally published book that retails at £10.99p in the UK. Any advice welcome

  4. Hi Whealie,

    The firm answer is that no one knows... but you will find much discussion on various Kindle-related forums about the subject of pricing.

    My favorite place to find shared information from successful writers is Joe Konrath's blog, "Self-Publishing for Newbie"s.

    There is a link to it on the right-hand sidebar of this site... about half way down.

    Many, if not most, who post there have been published in print before they came to Kindle, so you are likely to get some good insights.

    Good luck!