MS Word DOC or DOCX Directly to Amazon KDP: Software to make the magic happen

If you already have MS Word, you are in luck: you have the software you need.

Otherwise, you'll need MS Word or similar "MS Word-like" program.

WordPerfect, Open Office, and a few others I've heard about, are not enough "MS Word-like", even if they have the word "Word" in their name.

If you don't already have MS Word, your best bet is Atlantis Word Processor, described below.

Atlantis is a relatively unknown, but very well-designed, word processor, that while it does not have all of Microsoft Word's features, matches or excels Microsoft Word's Kindle eBook building capabilities.

The fact that Atlantis Word Processor is perfectly suited to create Kindle eBooks is the main reason to buy it... but there is another reason... it is inexpensive enough for the starving artist... or writer.

The base price of Atlantis Word Processor is $35.00...

Then, if you purchase AND REGISTER through the CJ's Easy As Pie website, there is a $10.00 discount (for a total of $25.00).

Icing on the cake is the pre-installed CJ's Easy As Pie Template that is included if you buy and download Atlantis Word Processor through the CJ's Easy As Pie website.

Download and Install the "CJsEasyAsPie" custom setup file of Atlantis Word Processor at the link below.

Atlantis Word Processor CJsEasyAsPie custom setup 

It’s free to download and use for 30 days.

If you want to continue using it after 30 days, it’s normally $35.00 to register, but there is a $10 discount if you register with the "CJ's Easy As Pie" link below:

Atlantis Word Processor Register with Discount for CJs Easy As Pie Readers.

Atlantis works much the same way as MS Word for PC.

The major differences are that MS Word for PC has writer collaboration and “track changes” features, which Atlantis does not have… and Atlantis has output features that MS Word does not have.

Even if you already have MS Word, or plan to buy it (which you can do at the links below), it's a good idea to go ahead and download the "free to download" trial version of Atlantis Word Processor.

Atlantis has some cleanup features that MS Word does not have, and which will save you many hours of time on an average eBook.

Plus... when downloaded at the link above, Atlantis includes the CJ's Easy As Pie Kindle template, which works with MS Word as well as Atlantis.

Throughout this website, I'll be giving you articles on how to publish to the Kindle, and the use of this specially-designed template will be a major advantage.

MS Word DOC or DOCX Directly to Amazon KDP: How to: Step by Step
In this article, we show you how to create a Kindle eBook using MS Word without any other software and without advanced formatting.

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