Amazon Kindle Previewer Appears to be Fixed!

There's probably nothing that causes more trouble for Amazon Kindle publishers than the subject of the e-book cover. There has long been major controversy as to just what image size did Amazon intend us to use, but more recently, the angst has been intensified because the downloadable Kindle Previewer has had a kink in it.

For all except for the older e-ink Kindle devices, the Kindle Previewer has displayed only about 3/4 of the cover... with about 1/4 of the cover... at the far right side of the page, missing entirely. With Amazon Kindle Previewer, Version: 2.751, that appears to be fixed.

See screen-shots below.  The first is a test file I created for this purpose, "Cathedrals Cover Test 1563 x 2500" (photo thanks to PunchyGonzales of the KDP Forum), as displayed on a physical iPad, testing thanks to Hitch of

The second screen-shot is the same file, displayed in the new version of the downloadable Kindle for iPad Previewer.

Cathedrals 1563 x 2500 pixels.  Being tested on physical device, iPad by Hitch of

Screen Shot, Cathedrals 1563 x 2500 displayed in Kindle for iPad Previewer.'

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  2. Patti,

    Thanks for your kind comments... I do appreciate you!

    I'm not sure what you mean about the different views... but I have had good results by pasting my "Sample" file into the downloadable Kindle Previewer.

    Good luck!