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As owner and operator, and now largely retired, chief writer, of a small documentation company, I still love to do what I do best.

I've learned that there's almost always an easier way to do almost anything, including Publishing to the Amazon Kindle.

How to publish to the Kindle is the main focus of this site, but also included are some favorite things that the Easy as Pie way gives Writers and Publishers time to enjoy.

Scroll down a page or two in any post to see a list of articles about publishing to the Kindle.  Just click on any summary to read the entire article.

At My Kindle Books, you can see excerpts from my stories about two cats, three donkeys, and four dogs, as they share space and adventures.

Also at My Kindle Books is a link to my Grocery Price Book, available for the Kindle on Amazon.  That makes your every day grocery shopping easier,  while the Easy Way Gourmet Store on the left sidebar of this page makes finding special foods easy.

Browse the Kindle Store, also on the left sidebar, to see what all the fuss is about... read about the Kindle 2, Kindle DX, Kindle covers, and Kindle accessories.

Free Kindle Books
The last item at the bottom of the left column displays a list of the most popular free Kindle Books.

Classics on the Kindle
Near the bottom of the left sidebar is a list of classics available as free or low-cost Kindle Books.

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  1. CJ. If you've got time to reply please help. I've got most everything done, but can't make the title page behave. It's all scrunched up at the top of the page. The page break is in the right place and the text starts where it should. How can I get the spaces I want between title, author, copyright, etc? Paragraphing does no good.
    Thanks again, Spence.

  2. Hi Spencer,

    Are you using MS Word?

    If so, it's easy... all you have to do is apply a "Style" that has the spacing you want... and/or modify a Style to have exactly the space you want.

    Look at the articles listed in the column on the right hand side of the screen... about half a page under the birds.

    Choose one that mentions Modify Style.

    There is a built-in Style called "Title"... which might be good for your Book title, and there is one for 'Subtitle" which might be good for additional lines under the Title.

    You really just have to play around with them to figure out exactly how they will look with your book and your text.