Embed Images in MS Word File

Contrary to what you may have heard, it is not necessary to type HTML codes into your file to hold photos in place.  MS Word will do that for you,  and embedding images into your MS Word file is very easy.

There are two ways to embed photos into a Word file... Insert Picture From File, and a simple copy and paste; both are explained below.

Insert Picture From File

Menu|File|Insert|Picture|From File

1. Click your cursor at the point in your file where you want the photo inserted:

2. Choose Insert |Picture | From File, from Menu at the top of your screen.

A small window, titled Insert Picture pops up.  It displays photos from your default picture directory.  Unless you have changed your default, it is My Documents\My Pictures.

4. Click your cursor on the picture you want to insert.

5. Your picture is inserted at the point you clicked in your file in step one.

This method automatically places your picture "in line with text".

Copy and Paste a photo into MS Word

Sometimes its easier to copy and paste a picture into MS Word, but if you do that, you must be sure that its "wrapping" method is "In line with text".

If the picture is not placed "in line with text", it may move around on the page.

Find the photo's filename in your directory, and right-click on the name.

Choose Copy from the dialog box that pops up

Go to the page where you want the image placed, click your cursor at exact place you want the picture placed, and chose Paste.

Right-Click on the image and choose Format, then Inline with Text.


  1. I have found that Word 2007 will change inserted image dpi to 96dpi and in the process change the image size in pixels (when outputting html). So it's best to have the inserted image already at 96 dpi.
    Also, if you have a wide picture Word may resize it to fit the page when inserting. The way round this is to switch View to 'web page' then insert.

  2. I have word 2010. The previewer does not show the picture I insterted. Is that to be expected>

  3. No, I think it should show.

    Which Previewer are you using?

    I'll try it myself and report back.

  4. How about this? The editor embedded the images within the text. Do the "Look Inside" - though admittedly, when not separated from the text, seem to all be at the opening of a paragraph -- still, nice. Do you know how to do this? See link below.


    1. Hi Hugh,

      Those images are not centered and are not on a line by themselves.

      As far as I can see, that's all that makes them any different from what is described in this article.

      Did you try it?