Make Sure Bookmarks (Guide Anchors) Appear in the Right Place

Sometimes it's hard to use the MS Word Bookmark feature to put Anchors (Bookmarks) just before the Heading of "TOC" or just before the Heading of your "start" (or "Beginning"), especially, if that Heading has a "page break before" attribute.

If you have inserted Guide Anchors (or Bookmarks) using Word, and later find that the Guides don't work, this may be the reason:

When the HTML file is saved, the software will try to consolidate tags where it can... so sometimes it will put your Bookmark inside another tag... where it won't work..

To fix it, save your Word file as HTML, filtered.  Then open the HTML file with a plain text editor, such as Notepad,  and move the Bookmark tag away from the other tag that has it captured.

For "Table of Contents" Guide Anchors (which you placed earlier):

Search for your table of contents title, find  <a name="toc"> , and move to just before the title.

For the "start" Guide, search for the first Chapter Heading name (or whever you want to call the "start" (only you, the Author, knows what that is), find  <a name="start">, and move it to just before the Topic Title or Chapter Heading... or what ever you decide is the best place to have your reader start.

To read how to insert the Anchors (Word Bookmarks) into your MS Word file, go here:

Anchors for Table of Contents (TOC) and Beginning (start) of file in MS Word


  1. Thanks so much for your great posts! You've helped me so much throught this process. Now I'm trying to get this last problem fixed. I've saved my file as web page, filtered. But how do I open it in Notepad? When I try, all I get is "no items match your search" or just some odd computer characters. I've tried selecting txt documents,all documents, ansi and the other options...what I am doing wrong?

  2. So I'm feeling really stupid now. I was able to get my document open in notepad only after I deleted the cover image. I was able to make the changed. But once I save it in notepad, how do I get it back to the web page format? I tried uploading the text file into the mobicreator, but what I ended up with was the code, not the book. Can you help me?

  3. Evelyn,

    Please don't feel stupid.

    While this process is "as easy as pie", it's also easy to take a wrong step somewhere.

    That's what you have done, but I can't tell exactly what, so, the best thing to do is go back and be sure you have done ever step.

    Please start back at the link below.

    Then, open the HTML file (that you create here) with Note, and check to be sure your bookmarks are right (as described in this lesson.

    Then, just save the HTML file in Notepad, and continue with the other steps described.

    This step (check to be sure your bookmarks are right) is necessary only if your anchors and bookmarks aren't working right.

  4. Evelyn,

    I don't know how you are trying to open Notepad, but all you need to do is:

    RIGHT-CLICK with your mouse on the name of the file (mybook.html).

    After a few seconds (it's not instant) a Menu Panel will appear:

    At about the middle of that panel is:

    "Open With"

    Click "Open With" and another panel will appear with a list of programs, one of which is Notepad.

    Just select it and you will then see the "code" of your file.

    It's not easy to read, so you have to hunt through carefully.

    Then just save it when you are finished.

    The name is still "mybook.html", and you don't have to do anything else to it... that is the file that you feed to Mobipocket.