Create Kindle Cover with Mobipocket Creator or use the first page of file?

Create Kindle Cover with Mobipocket Creator or use the first page of file?
That's a question of endless debate, but here are some Kindle screen shots to help you decide which is best for you.
The images below, scanned from my Kindle's display screen, compare the two methods.

The cover created with Mobipocket Creator (above) fills the entire Kindle display screen, top to bottom, side to side.

The cover created "by default" (below) because it is the first page of the MS Word file, has margins all the way around, and includes locations and other information that is on other pages of the file.


To get the full page image shown in the Mobipocket Creator sample, the image must be a "true" 600x800 pixels.
A smaller image "resized" or "stretched" to 600x800 pixels won't work.


  1. Hi - Thank you so much for the detailed instructions. I've studied all your lessons and they were very helpful.

    1) I'm just starting. I have built my PRC file but when I view it on the Emulator, I only see about a paragraph - very little. Is that how it will show on the Kindle? If so, can I do anything about it. I know I don't have page breaks there.

    2) I have lots of pictures in my book - about 2 inches wide. They don't show up on the Emulator. Why not?

    3) About the cover, which I built into the PRC document. It doesn't show up on the Emulator. Why not?

    I also understand that Amazon is now inserting the higher quality catalogue image into the book display. So do we need to incorporate the 600x800 version in the PRC document?

    4) Why create a PRC file with Mobipocket? Why not just upload the Word document in Amazon?

    I know I've asked a lot, but I appreciate it.

  2. Hi Alex,

    Let's start with your last question... that may solve all your other questions.

    Amazon has changed the process a lot in recent months, and it is now, not only "possible"... but, in many cases, preferable, to upload your MS Word file directly to the Amazon KDP platform.

    You also can upload your cover picture there, and Amazon will put it on your book as well as on the book image on the Amazon sales page.

    Check the instructions there to get the image size that is now allowed.

    You can still use your 600x800 image, but you can now upload a larger size if that's what you have.

    The value of Mobipocket is that it gives you an easy way to proof your book before you actually publish it... but you can now do the same thing midway through the publishing process.

    You can start your book, then upload your book, then download a sample... stop and proof it... then go back later to publish.

    All this is new since I wrote most of the tutorials...

    I am now working on new tutorials... but you probably don't want to wait that long!


  3. Thank you so much CJ. It's much appreciated.