Kindle Tips: Create a Clean MS Word Template

For some people, one of the great surprises about MS Word is that it is always creating Styles for you, whether you want it to or not... and it saves Styles that you never intended to save.

The result may be that your MS Word Template will accumulate dozens of Styles that you don't recall creating.

That's why you may call for a "Heading 1", for example, and get something entirely different from what you expected.

That's what happened to one author who asked for my help.

He had followed all the steps and his book looks beautiful, but even though he had properly applied Heading 1 to each of his Chapter Heads, the Table of Contents was not being built correctly.

The screenshot above shows the first page of his book on the right, with the Table of Contents on the left.

As you can see, it looks very nice.  What you can't see, is that three chapter headings are missing from the Table of  Contents.

The author has rebuilt his Table of Contents many times, without changing this result.

He concluded, correctly, I believe, that the problem was that he needed to clean out his Template and start fresh.

He reports "Since I'm the only person who ever used my computer, and I've never used the Styles and Formatting section, I don't know how so many styles could already be set up in there--but there's a large number of them.  Do you know a way to clean them out so I can start over?"

The screenshot below shows the Styles that are contained in his Template.

You may recall my previous statements... that even if you think you are not MS Word Styles and Templates, you really are... and this screenshot shows the results.

The first thing we do is to force MS Word to build a new squeaky-clean MS Word Template that has not been touched by man nor beast.

To do that, we move or rename our existing Template so Word can't find it.

We'll talk about how to do that, next.

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