Kindle Tips: Create a Kindle Template, Pictures Tag

In this lesson, we will create a Styles Tag to hold our pictures and other illustrations in their proper positions.

As always, your needs may be different, and you can create your own Tags to suit your particular need... but here is what I wanted in a Pictures Tag:

I want my "Pictures Tag" for my Pictures and other illustrations to have a page break before, to have a nice margin at the top, and to be “Centered”.

I also want my "Pictures Tag" to have the feature “keep with next”… “next” being the caption that I want to appear directly under the illustration, rather than getting kicked over to the next page.

As described in previous lessons in this "Create a Kindle Template" series, to display your Apply Styles box, issue SHIFT-CTRL-S.

When the box appears, just start typing “Illustration with Caption” into the Style Name field.

As soon as Word realizes you are typing a name it does not recognize, the button just below the name field changes from “Apply” to “New”.

When you have finished typing the name “Illustration with Caption”, click the “Modify” button that now appears below the Style Name field.

Now you are ready to “Modify” your new style… that is, to apply the features that you want to apply to your illustrations.

(See earlier articles in this series if you need help to “Modify a Style”.)

Here is how I formatted my “Illustration With Caption” Style.

Font: Default
   Space Before 22 px
   Alignment: Centered
   Line Spacing: Single
Line and Page Breaks:
Page Break Before
Keep With Next
Following Style: Caption

Apply this Style to a "paragraph mark" at the exact location where you want your illustration. Then, simply insert your illustration at that very point, and there is your illustration... properly formatted!

I have prepared a file of several pages of images with this format applied that you can test.

To download a free copy, to see how these formats will display on your own device:

Send an email to

In the Subject Line, put "Requesting “Illustration with Caption” Free Download.

I'll send you a link where you can download the file in Kindle format, to test on your own device.

The next article in this series (Kindle Tips: Create a Kindle Template, Pictures, Part Two), illustrates "Matt the Cat trains Bubba the Puppy" with full-size (1600 x 1200 pixels) photos simply copied and pasted from the original MS Word file, using the same tag described above.

Matt and Bubba will be featured in a future mini-tutorial about how to place pictures in your Kindle ebook.  Send an email to the address above if you want a free download when it's finished.

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