How to Place a Picture into Your File: In Line With Text

We start with the picture that we just inserted into our file in the previous article.

Our next task is to reposition the photo.  We want it to be centered on the page and to have a nice separation between the edge of the photo and the text of the page.

To do that, we format our photo to be "In Line With Text".

Start by placing your mouse cursor on the photo and CLICK-RIGHT to display a small pop-up menu:

Choose "Format Picture"... that's the last item on the pop-up menu list.

 Now, we see why our picture is in the wrong position.  Notice that the last icon is selected with a selection box around it.

Move your cursor to the first box and click to select it.

Our photo jumps to the center of the page, and is now nicely positioned within the text.

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