How to Place a Picture into Your File: Copy and Paste or Insert from File

When it comes to inserting a picture or, any illustration, into your MS Word file, the advice you may hear around the Internet, is... "Always use "Insert from File:... never use "Copy and Paste!"

Some even go so far as to say that if you have already prepared your manuscript with copy and paste, you must remove all those pictures and "insert them properly".

No one ever explained why Insert From File is better, but I, along with many others, followed that advice... and sure enough, I never had a problem.

But is it really necessary?

Copy and Paste is often faster and easier... and sometimes a manuscript has already been prepared with Copy and Paste before its author even thought about publishing to the Kindle.

Does that mean the author must delete those illustrations and replace them with the "proper" method of "Insert From File"?

No, not at all.  From the illustration below, you can see that there is no difference in appearance between the two methods.

The picture on the left was inserted into the MS Word file, using the most-often recommended method, "Insert From File".
 "Insert From File" is a menu item under Insert, and may also be chosen from a small picture icon on the Menu bar at the top of the Word screen.

The "downside" of this method is that you must know where your picture is located, or you must go looking for it before you can insert it. Unless you are very well organized, that is going to take extra time.

The picture on the right was inserted into the MS Word file, using the faster (but less desirable in the opinion of many), "Copy and Paste" method.

Copy and Paste is usually easier and faster because you can just copy a file from wherever you might find it, and paste it into your file.

As you see, the two pictures are identical in the MS Word manuscript.

Does that mean the two methods are identical?

Not exactly... it depends on your individual situation and working habits.

We will talk about that next.

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