Clean MS Word with "Apply Normal” vs. “Clear All” vs. “Nuclear Option"

Cleaning an MS Word file: "Apply Normal” vs. “Clear All” vs. “Nuclear Option
You’ve probably heard all the above recommended and wondered which is best.
The answer is that each of them is useful, but in different situations.
This article compares those different methods to help you decide which is best for your file.
NONE of the above will repair broken sentences, extra spaces,  extra paragraph returns, extra page breaks, or section breaks… you need to fix those things separately.
Most of what’s wrong with your file can probably be fixed with the simple “Find and Replace” option of MS Word
To see how to do it, go here:
Clean Out the Clutter
If your file still needs help after you’ve gone through the Find and Replace steps of Clean Out the Clutter, hidden garbage is probably causing your problem.
Check below to decide which additional cleaning method is best for your file

Replace all formatting with Normal Style

Leaves Bold, Italics, and Underline
Turns Chapter Headings into Normal
Removes most hidden garbage.
Leaves colored text.

To see  how to do it, go here:
Apply Normal Style to Entire MS Word Doc File

Clear All Formatting

Removes all formatting, including bold and italics, and hidden garbage.
Removes colored text.
Does not remove photos .
Does not remove page breaks.
Does not remove Section Breaks.

To see how to do it, go here:
MS Word's Clear Formatting

Nuclear Option

Removes all formatting
Removes bold and italics.
Removes all photos and other illustrations.
Removes page breaks
Removes Section Breaks.

To see how to do it, go here:
The Nuclear Option

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