The Nuclear Option

The Nuclear Option

You can take your file all the way back to plain text by copying it out to Notepad, then back into a clean MS Word page.

That is what Mark Coker calls the "Nuclear" approach.

Mark Coker is more comfortable with the Nuclear approach than I am... I prefer trying a less drastic method first.

The Nuclear approach will clear out “MS Word bloat”, and other hidden garbage, just as you may have heard.

That's the good news.  But there's also bad news.

The bad news is that the Nuclear approach will also remove pictures or illustrations, and clean out all your formatting, such as italics and bold, and any special paragraph formats, such as Chapter Headings, block quotes and anything else you did with MS Styles.

The Nuclear approach will NOT clean out extra paragraph returns, manual page breaks, tabs, extra spaces, and a long list of clutter that still must be removed by hand.

In short, you will be left with a plain text file that may still require hand editing before you are even ready to start formatting for the Kindle.

A better approach, I think, is to clean out the clutter first, then resort to the Nuclear Option only if you must.

To understand more about clutter that can ruin your Kindle eBook, and what to do about it, go here:

Clean up MS Word

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