6. Download Helpful Tools

This is No. 6 in a series of Tutorials for CJ's Easy As Pie "The Pie" Kindle and eBook Self-Publishing Package, which starts here:

Download Helpful Tools

Kindle Previewer is essential.

It gives you a way to see how your book will look when viewed on a number of different Kindles and other devices.

It has an even more important function... it is the easiest way to run Kindlegen... the program that generates the Kindle Mobi file.

You don't have to run Kindlegen from the computer's command line, as you may have heard.

Instead, you can download Kindle Previewer, and let it install itself in its default location.

It will also put a Kindle Previewer icon on your desktop.

When you want to run Kindlegen to create a Kindle eBook from an HTML file or an ePub file, you just "drag and drop"... or, what I find easier, "copy and paste" the MOBI file right on top of the Kindle Previewer icon.

Kindle for PC, Adobe Digital Editions, and Sony for PC Reader are eReaders. They are good to have and can help you with proofreading, but they don't display exactly the same as Kindle devices. If you don't have room for them on your computer, you can get by without them.
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