Myths, Lies, and Video Tape Mislead Kindle Newbies

It’s becoming overrun with half-smart self-apponted experts.

That devalues the Internet everywhere but it is particularly damaging to the self-publishing community.

I'm convinced that 90 percent of the time most people spend trying to learn how to format for the Kindle is wasted, and in this great age of technology, can be attributed directly to misinformation on the Internet.


"MS Word BAD!  Anything else GOOD!

Don't believe that one for one minute!

For one thing, MS Word works perfectly to create a perfectly-formatted Kindle format file.

For another, there is every reason to believe that the original Kindle software was designed with MS Word in mind.

MS Word is the most-used word processor in the world... why would the programmers desgn for anything else?


What comes out of the mouths of many half-smart self-appointed experts who roam the forums, seeking every opportunity to tell more than they know about any subject.

No matter the subject, they hop in and confuse the newbies and puzzle those who know better.

I call them "half-smart" because they know just enough to fool some into believing them.

They are often prolific posters... sometimes the most active members of any forum.

This is a major problem in Indie or “self-publishing” forums, where many half-smart know-it-alls are widely accepted as experts, and their half-right misinformation is repeated and passed on, to the detriment of the entire self-publishing community.

"When in doubt, look intelligent!"
—    Garrison Keillor

Video Tape

A well-done video tape looks so professional that it's easy to be taken in... and I am no exception.

I've spent countless hours trying to follow some of them only to discover, in the end, that they were done by slightly more flamboyant half-smart self-appointed experts.

Having gone down that road, myself, I understand why some of my readers start with such confused notions. 

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