What does it cost to self-publish a book to Amazon Kindle?

Quick answer:

There is no charge to upload your book to the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing platform.

Amazon has two Royalty Option plans:

 > 35% of the Kindle book sales price

 > 70% of the Kindle book sales price

If you choose the 70% Royalty Option, a Delivery Charge (currently, 15 cents per MB in the USA) is deducted from your royalty.

If you choose the 35% Royalty Option, there is no Delivery Charge.

You decide which is best for you, depending on the size of your book (in megabytes), and various other factors you'll read about in the links below.
There is more to it, of course... things you must consider before deciding on a price for your book... and Amazon's terms and conditions.

Get details and more help at the links below:

 Kindle Direct Publishing Terms and Conditions Pricing Page

 Frequently Asked Questions Sales and Royalties FAQ 

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  1. Hi CJ,
    I am a first time writer and am about to embark on writing a humorous children's book, so what would the first steps be, eg, write it up on ms word to start etc, have the ideas all sorted and story lines but was wondering will your site give me some sort of support for this.
    Please i do not expect you to hold my hand but just some advice as i go along.

    1. Hi Rob,

      The best advice I can give you right now is to continue what you are doing... CAPTURE THOSE IDEAS!.

      That’s what I call an “information dump”.

      Don’t worry, at first, about organization… just write down -- even on paper if you are away from your computer -- every story idea that pops into your head.

      When your ideas start to take form, put them into Outline format, with the help of the below MVPS (Microsoft Most Valuable Professional) article:

      How to save yourself hours by using Outline View properly


      That will, as the article title suggests, save you time and keep you on track as you develop your story.

      Next, I’d recommend that you do a Google search for “How to write a children’s book”... and read some of the umpteen thousands of hits.

      When I did that, I was astounded at how much good advice is there… many things – one being the length of children’s books – are unique to children’s books.

      You will also find forums for writers of children’s books where you can exchange ideas and perhaps even proof-reading and beta-tasks.

      You will also save yourself a lot of time if – before you actually start writing --- you read through my “how to format” tutorials on this site, and/or the links in the MVPS (Microsoft Most Valuable Professional) article mentioned above.

      That will help you to format correctly in the first place, rather than having to fix problems later.