Kindle Publishing: Download Mobipocket Creator


Mobipocket Creator is another program we need to publish for the Kindle, CJ's Easy as Pie way.

It belongs to Amazon, it's free, and it's perfect to do the real work of preparing our MS Word or HTML file to be uploaded to our Amazon Kindle Dashboard.

Download it at the link below, and be sure to get both Mobipocket Reader and Mobipocket Creator.

Mobipocket Creator

A book that will save you a lot more in time than it costs in dollars is Mike Hicks book:

 Publish Your Book On The Amazon Kindle: A Practical Guide. 

Publish Your Book On The Amazon Kindle: A Practical Guide 


  1. Mobipocket reader and creator are not made to run on the Mac, as far as I can tell. Do you have any other suggestions? Thanks.

  2. While I don't use Mac, myself, I do have a suggestion:

    Join the Amazon DTP (Digital Text Platform) Forum, and read how others are handling Mac/Kindle issues.

    Just this morning, poster Ksarul writes about success with Mac and Calibre.

    And... quoting Ksarul:

    "The other thing you could do is use Mac bootcamp or Parallels to install your Mobipocket creator, but of course you'd need a copy of Windows. My stuff works just great with Calibre."

    Read the thread here:

  3. Is it just me or does it seem almost surreal that Mike Hicks' book ($74 used on Amazon when I checked just now) is not available in a Kindle edition?

  4. Open Office 3.3 text writer saves to MsWord 6.0 (.doc), MsWord 95 (.doc) and MsWord 97/2000 (.doc). Are these acceptable?

  5. Doesn't Open Office also save to MS Word 2003?

    Most of these tutorials were written for Word 2003. Other versions might work, but might require you to keep making adjustments.

    You would be better off, I think, to follow the tutorials as best you can, while still in Open Office, then save as HTML from Open Office, when you are ready to go to Mobipocket.