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If you are an Indie or Self-Published writer, and are ready to start your marketing program, you already know that the experts recommend that you have a web site... and not just any old website... such as the canned ones you see everywhere, but a good, personal, does-justice-to-your-book website.

I'm a writer, not a website builder, but I've found a patient and efficient mentor in Araby Greene at the Greene Village.

Even if you aren't thinking about building a web site, you should go over there to take a look at site, and especially, her beautiful photos.

I literally felt as though I could just step through the frame into some of them.

I told Araby later that may have been because I fell asleep the night before, while reading Through the Looking Glass on my Kindle, but I'm not sure that was the entire reason.

Go to the Greene Village here:

Greene Village

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