Kindle Tips: Create a Kindle Template, Block Quotes Tag, Poetry Quotes Tag, Dialogue Quotes Tag

In this lesson, we will look at tags that you might use if you want to format paragraphs of quoted text, using Tags already provided in this MS Word 2010 Template.

In the screen shot below, we have the Styles Box open to display all the Styles that are currently available to us to format this document.

We have also opened the Styles Pane at the center of the page, show which Styles are being used by each paragraph.

In this screenshot, the Styles Pane shows that "Normal" is applied to the first paragraph.

The Styles Pane also shows that the Style named "Quote" has been applied to the second paragraph, and...

The Style named "Intense Quote" has been applied to the third paragraph.

These Styles are "defaults" within this MS Word 2010 Template we are using.

Suppose we want a centered Style, such as we might use for a verse of poetry, to make short lines look nice.

We can do that by simply choosing Quote, and changing it to be "Center" aligned.

We will "Modify" the Style named "Quote", and call our new Style, "Poetry Quote".

We can also make "Intense Quote" more business-like by changing the font color to Black and remove the border under the paragraph.

We will make those changes with Modify Style, and call this new Style, "Business Intense Quote".

See it in the next screen shot.

Also in the next screen shot, you can see that we have applied the Style Poetry Quote to one of the most well-known statements of all time, the second sentence of the American Declaration of Independence...  "We hold these truths to be self-evident..."

We need one more Quotes tag... one to define lines of dialogue.

Let's use our Quotes tag again, but this time we will make it left aligned instead of centered, and give it a first line indent.

In the next screen shot, we have formatted the second sentence of the American Declaration of  Independence to look like a line of dialogue rather than a line of poetry, as we did in a previous screen shot.

Now would be a good time to check how we are doing with our new ebook.

We can create a Sample Mobi file to view and proof, here:

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