Apply Normal Style to Entire MS Word Doc File

Apply Normal Style to Entire MS Word Doc File

The first thing to try is to simply return all formatting to "Normal".

To do that, "select" or "highlight" your entire file with CTRL-A, then do a CTRLSHIFT-S to display your Styles List, choose Normal from the list, and click the "Reapply" button.

If you try this little trick early in this process... before you've made changes that make Normal lose its place, it may even leave your bold and italics intact... saving you a lot of time.

If your file is in really bad shape, your best choice may be the “quick and dirty” approach, which Mark Coker of Smashwords calls the Nuclear Option:


  1. Hi CJ thank you very much for all your teaching and showing.
    Can you please tell me what paper size should i start of with.
    And for book with horizontal picture different do i use different paper size?
    Thanks. HELP.....

  2. EL Lee,

    The paper size really doesn't matter, because Kindle will ignore it and make its own page sizes.

    For planning purposes, I usually just use the default MS Word paper size...

    UNLESS... the book is short and it becomes important to make sure certain text is kept together.

    Then, I will tell Word to use a page size to match the Kindle.

    Kindle won't actually use it, but it makes it easier to plan your pages.

    As for the horizontal picture... sadly, we don't have the option to upload in landscape mode.

    Kindle's internal software will just reformat it and it will end up smaller than if you turned it to portrait.