The Nuclear Option Step-by-Step

The Nuclear Option Step-by-Step

Next, we will look at how we can clear out even this code that’s holding the photos in place.

To do that, select all your text with CTRL-A and cut it all out with CTRL-X.

Next, open a new blank page with your little plain vanilla “Notepad” that comes with Windows, and paste your entire file into it with CTRL-V.

Save the Notepad file with some disposable name like XX or Clear Format… to make sure Notepad clears out all the code.

Look at Format at the Menu Bar of Notepad to make sure that Word Wrap is is NOT checked. You want nice straight lines of text; each paragraph should be just one line.

Next, do a CTRL-A to select all the text that you have just pasted into Notepad… text that Notepad has cleaned up, then do a CTRL-C. to copy it out to the clipboard.

Now open a clean blank file… I’ve named mine “A Donkey Named Minnie”... and paste your clipboard contents into it with CTRL-V.

It looks pretty pitiful and naked now, doesn’t it… with no formatting?

But now we have a good clean file with no errant code, and no bloat.

Next, we will put our photos back in, set up the titles and headers we want in our final file,  and even create a properly inter-active Table of Contents, using MS Word.

To find out how to do each of those tasks the Easy as Pie way, use the Search Box just under the Birds on a Tight-Rope on the home page.

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