1. Introducing CJ's Easy As Pie Kindle and eBook Self- Publishing, The Pie

The basic concept of CJsEasyAsPie The Pie
The basic concept of CJsEasyAsPie is the same as that of CJ's Easy as Pie Kindle Tutorials, a website that has been teaching how to format for the Kindle almost as long as there has been a Kindle:

A squeaky-clean and perfectly-formatted MS Word file will produce a properly formatted Amazon Kindle eBook.

With this package, that concept is expanded to:

A single squeaky-clean and perfectly-formatted MS Word or MS Word-compatible file, will produce a properly formatted MOBI eBook for Amazon Kindle, plus:

o     A properly-formatted ePub for Amazon Kindle
o     A properly-formatted PDF in the format required by CreateSpace
o     A properly formatted ePub file that will pass validation and is in the format acceptable to the following:
o     Amazon Kindle
o     Barnes & Noble
o     Apple
o     Kobo
o     Smashwords

CJsEasyAsPie-created eBooks contain the following Advanced Features

o     ePub Validation
o     Linked and working Table of Contents
o     Linked and working TOC.NCX
o     Opens properly to START
o     Jumps properly to TOC
o     Changeable Font Style and Changeable Typeface work when viewed on Kindle Format 8 such as PaperWhite.

Who and What's Behind CJsEasyAsPie Kindle and eBook Self-Publishing Package

CJ Allan has been writing training manuals since the late '60's, first as a contractor and sub-contractor to large firms, later as owner/operator of a small documentations service.

She started writing for the Kindle soon after the appearance of Kindle 1, and, shortly thereafter, started the website CJ's Easy As Pie Kindle Tutorials, which has, either personally, or as a mentor, shepherded hundreds of eBooks through the publishing process.

"The Pie" Kindle & eBook Self-Publishing Package is the culmination of those years of experience, study, and hands-on building of Kindle ebooks.

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  1. Hi CJ,
    Believe it or notI have finished my next book. I am back ready to download and do it all for myself this time,

  2. Very good...

    And good luck with both books!