14. Using CJsEasyAsPie's Styles to Format Your Kindle File

This is No. 14, in a series of Tutorials for CJ's Easy As Pie "The Pie" Kindle and eBook Self-Publishing Package, which starts here:

Using CJsEasyAsPie's Styles and Descriptions

With CJsEasyAsPie's built in user guide and ready-to-go Styles, you won't spend time wondering how to do this or that. Or how to format something to look like a hand-written letter or wedding invitation... or a newspaper article... or for technical books... a page of computer code.

Just look at the Styles Pane to the left of your screen and pick out a likely-sounding Style name.

You now have ready-to-use Styles that use fonts and paragraphs that meet Amazon's requirements... and you also have ready to go "special" Styles available to you..

You might, for example, want to indicate a handwritten letter... or a newspaper article... or a highway sign or computer code.

You are not restricted to CJsEasyAsPie's Styles... you can also create your own Styles. CJsEasyAsPie's Styles are just there to guide you.

If you want to test a Style, just high-light a paragraph of your own text or the NONSENSE TEXT in the Template, then double-click on a likely Style... 

Remember, you can always UN-DO with CTRL-Z... so feel free to practice until you see what you want.

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