14. Create an ePub

This is No. 14 in a series of Tutorials for CJ's Easy As Pie "The Pie" Kindle and eBook Self-Publishing Package, which starts here:
At the Menu strip at the top of the screen, near the left end, locate the two CD disk icons.

At the Main Menu, find the black icon that displays a drop-down Save As box.

The first CD Icon will likely be white... indicating that you have just saved this file.

The second CD Icon is black, and there is a tiny black down arrow just to the right of it.

Click the tiny down arrow.

The Save As drop-down box will appear.

From the Save As drop-down box, choose: Save as eBook

Atlantis Save As eBook

Save As ePub

Fill out eBook information

Pay particular attention to the options on the last panel of the Save As ePub Dialog Box.

Be sure to check Save Page Margins

Click Setup and set units to ems

Be sure the Fonts selection window is set to Don't Save.

The small Cover Image window will display the first image (if any) in your file. That might be an image you inserted, intending it for the Cover, or another illustration that just happens to be first.

Using the down arrow at the right edge of the Cover Image window you can scroll to another image in this file, or you can click the blank box to be able to go find another image.

You can upload a different image at publish time, if you like.

This cover image step is not required (since you have another chance to upload the real cover), but its good practice because later steps may object if the file doesn't have a cover.

When you are finished here, the software will go to work to create your ePub file.

It won't pop up a message when it's done, but you can watch its progress at the bottom of your screen. However, if you have a very short file, it may finish before you even notice.

When activity stops, go to The Pie Folder.

That's where you told CJsEasyAsPie to put your files, remember?

There, you will find your ePub file:

My Original Document. ePub

You can read and proof your ePub file with Sony for PC.... or ADE (Adobe Digital Editions)... or with Sigil.

Sigil can also run it through an ePub validator.

The ePub you just made is in a format acceptable to almost every digital publishing house, out there, including Amazon Direct Publishing (KDP).

I can't promise anything except that your ePub will pass ePub validation.... which SHOULD be enough for every publishing house that claims to accept that format, and I can't, as yet, provide full instructions for any but Amazon.

Amazon KDP will accept books in either ePub or MOBI (and others that we will discuss later).

To go straight to Amazon Direct Publishing (KDP), to upload your book, follow directions here:

Steps To Publishing with Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

As you just saw, it is not required to create a MOBI file on your desktop, but it makes things easier, so let's do that next.

We will copy the ePub we just made and feed it to Amazon Kindle Previewer... which will run KindleGen... and KindleGen will create a MOBI file.

Right-Click on the filename My Original Document. epub

Choose Copy from the box that appears:

Go to your desktop and find the icon for Amazon Kindle Previewer

Highlight the icon without actually clicking, then Paste the ePub file right on top of the Amazon Kindle Previewer icon.

(This may take a little finesse... you don't want to actually click--that will make Amazon Kindle Previewer start... you want to gently drop the ePub file, then the ePub will make Amazon Kindle Previewer start.)

The software will go to work and shortly will tell you that it has created a MOBI file that you can view right there.

You will then be able to view how your book will look on several different Kindles and Kindle Devices.

Investigate the Menu bar at the top of the Kindle Previewer to see different ways you can look at your book.

To find the MOBI file you just created:

Go to The Pie Folder, and you will see a new folder named:

Compiled My Original Document. epub

Inside that folder you will find the MOBI file you just made.

My Original Document. Mobi

That's the file that you can upload to Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). (But please test it every way you can, first.)

View and proof your new MOBI file in Amazon Kindle Previewer and on your own Kindles before you take it to publish.
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