Don't Let 'em Snow You --- MS Word Uploaded to KDP is the Ideal Route to a Perfect Kindle eBook

This article illustrates that an MS Word file, either DOC or DOCX, uploaded directly to Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) is the ideal route to publish to Kindle.

Enlarge the screen-shot with a double-click, so you can see details of the header.

If Chapter Headings are properly tagged, and a Table of Contents created by the user, the MOBI file -- shown here displayed in Kindle Previewer -- will include the much-desired TOC.NCX file, which allows the reader to jump back and forth between chapters.

Note the double arrows in the header at the top of the screen-shot.  They indicate the presence of the TOC.NCX file. Note, also, that the Table of Contents button is active, and the TOC.NCX button is active.

When this MOBI file is viewed on a physical Kindle device, the Table of Contents button will be active there, also.

Since the software knows the location of the Table of Contents, it is not necessary to insert a "toc" bookmark.

It is necessary to insert a "start" bookmark if you want the ebook to open at a certain page.

On a whim, I inserted a "start" bookmark at a poem about 30 pages into this book, Never Bet the Devil Your Head, and that is where this book opens.

If images are properly formatted and inserted into the MS Word file,  they will display properly in the MOBI file, without further attention.

There is no value to saving the MS Word file to HTML (web page, filtered), and, in fact, that is the road to trouble.

If this same MS Word file is converted to HTML, it will be necessary to do further HTML programming to get the TOC.NCX file.

It is as easy as pie, as I have been known to say on more than one occasion, but it IS necessary to upload a clean MS Word file.

Saving a messy MS Word file to HTML will not do anything to remove the garbage that’s in the original file. It must be removed by hand.

Here’s how to remove the garbage:

To create a Table of Contents, see articles below:
(The procedure is different for MS Word 2003 (and earlier) and MS Word 2010) (MS Word 2007 and later).  Both are below.)

How to Create a Table of Contents (TOC) Using MS Word 2010

Go here to upload your MS Word file directly to make a test.

If you’d like to try it yourself with an MS Word file that is already clean and properly formatted, send a request to the email that’s just under the photo of birds on a tight-rope on the main page of  CJ's Easy as Pie Kindle Tutorials.

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