10. The Most Important Step - Clean Up Your Manuscript

This is No. 10 in a series of Help Docs for CJ's Easy As Pie "The Pie" Kindle and eBook Self-Publishing Package, which starts here:

Now we get to AutoCorrect... the powerful feature that can cut clean-up time down to minutes instead of hours.

Click on Tools in the Menu, and select AutoCorrect.

Tools | AutoCorrect

Running AutoCorrect

The program will stop each time it finds a new type of error to ask you if you want to auto-correct all errors of that type, or if you want it to stop to ask you each time.

In that way, you have control over what corrections are made.

Here are some examples:

AutoCorrect asks if it should remove "spare" or "extra" Spaces or Tabs

AutoCorrect has found what it thinks are spare (extra) spaces, and is asking if you want to:

Accept... Remove the highlighted extra space or tab
Reject.... Don't remove the highlighted space or tab.
Accept All or Reject All

AutoCorrect Format Hyperlink

In the manuscript text, AutoCorrect has highlighted what it thinks is a hyperlink, and is asking if it should be format it.

Next After AutoCorrect

After you've run AutoCorrect, your file will be "almost right"... but we have a few more clean-up steps before we are ready to start formatting our file.

We'll do those next.

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