9. Import Special Kindle and eBook Styles for your eBook

Import Special Kindle and eBook Styles for Your eBook
Import Special Kindle and eBook Styles for Your eBook

This is No. 9  in a series of Tutorials for CJ's Easy As Pie "The Pie" Kindle and eBook Self-Publishing Package, which starts here:

Copy your manuscript to The Pie Folder (which you created in Step 2), and give it a new filename... Testing The Pie.

Leave your original manuscript in its own safe location, so you can safely experiment with your new Styles.

Right-click on the filename  Testing The Pie, choose Open With Atlantis Word Processor, and save the file.

Open the Control Board with View | Control Board.

The Styles panel displays with a click on the fourth button on the top toolbar of the Control Board, the panel at the far left of your screen.

At the bottom of the Styles Panel, choose Import Styles Icon 3rd from right

The Import Styles box appears. Choose “CJsEasyAsPie, The Pie” then highlight all Styles in the Styles Import window, then click OK.

Highlight Styles in the Right Hand Box

The Styles you just selected will be imported into the Styles List... for the document you currently have open.

As the Styles are being imported, you are given the opportunity to import some or all... and to choose to over-write or not over-write any Styles of the same Style names.

The names of the Styles in CJsEasyAsPie The Pie Template are intended to be descriptive of what each Style actually does.

In some cases you will need to browse around a bit to find the Styles that suit your purposes.

The CJsEasyAsPie The Pie Template, itself, has a page of "nonsense" text that you can use to display and experiment with different Styles to find those that best fit your need.

To apply a Style to a paragraph in your document, highlight the paragraph, then double-click the Style Name you want from the Styles Panel.

Note: You can't apply a Style to a word or words within a paragraph.

Your selection can be just one word, but it must be on a line by itself.

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