8. Using Styles to Create Beautiful eBooks

This is No. 8 in a series of Tutorials for CJ's Easy As Pie "The Pie" Kindle and eBook Self-Publishing Package, which starts here:

Comparing MS Word Styles and Atlantis Styles
Many people use MS Word for years without ever discovering Styles... and even if they do find them, they don't realize their value.

You've heard people say they don't use certain heading style, for example... "because the font is too big"... or because the font is in color... without realizing that Styles can be customized... and even used to help organize your document.

That's what we've done here with CJsEasyAsPie.

We've customized the Styles to make them most useful for digital publishing.

The CJsEasyAsPie Template, complete with a few pages of instructions, will appear.

If you were truly starting a new file, you could "Save As" your file name. (NewFile.docx), then delete the instructions from your file before starting to enter your own text.

For now, we will use this Template to get acquainted with the Styles it contains.

The Pie Template with the Control Board open at the left side.

If your Control Board is not open, go to the View tab at the top of the screen and choose Control Board.

The Control Board can display 7 panels: Headings, Bookmarks, Sections, Styles, Lists, Format Palette, and Clip Library.

These panels are displayed using the corresponding buttons at the top of the Control Board:

We want the Styles Panel, so click the Styles button, the 4th from the left, shown slightly indented in the picture below:

When the Styles Panel appears, you’ll notice that it has its own Toolbar across the top.

At the far left, the word Styles:, and at the far right, two buttons, “tree” and “list.

Click the "list" button at the far right.

Your list of Styles appears in alphabetical order.

Styles Panel in Alphabetical Order (top half only)

Now, if you scroll through your Styles, you will if you are used to using Styles in other word processors) see some familiar Styles, such as Heading 1, Heading 2, and Heading 3.

But you will also see new Styles, such as Author name, at the top of the list, and Bold Comment, and Caption.

You can format these Styles yourself, after you learn how different sizes and different spacing will appear on the Kindle, but here it is already done for you… taking only 30 seconds, perhaps to select a Style, rather than 10 minutes or so to decide how to format something a bit different from simple text.

Now, look at the Styles Panel toolbar again, and choose to display the Styles Panel in tree order.

Styles Panel in Tree Order (top half only)

Now, you will see Styles, grouped, as nearly as possible, with related Styles.

For example, under Pictures & Illustrations, you see Caption and two Image Syles… one with a Page Break before, and one without a Page Break Before.

Under Poetry and Quotes, you see several different Syles that might be used for Poetry, a Dialogue Quote, and even a Newspaper Quote.

We will look at some of them in later articles in this series.
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  1. Hi CJ, I do not see Author Name at the top of the list. In my window (I'm using Atlantis) I see Balloon Text first.
    And BTW, I tricked my Atlantis into creating a file for Easy As Pie
    I LOVE your instructions. They make sense to me, Not a computer whiz!!

    1. Hi Dixie,

      You are talking about the Styles list that come with Atlantis, right?

      Did you download and buy from my site?

      That's the only way you'd get my own "customized" Styles list.

      Did I refer to "Author Name"?

      It's been a while since I wrote it!

      Maybe I used "Writer Name" instead.

      I'll go look at my Style Sheet, and be back in a bit.

      I'm glad you are finding my instructions useful!

      Since you have now created your file, does that solve your main problem?

    2. Well, by golly, Dixie, you are right!

      I did change that Style name from Author's name to Writer's Name... and you'll find it at the bottom of the list.

      I have a vague memory of doing it for a reason... but just what that reason was, I don't remember.

      Does this get you started again?

    3. oh, have been off Atlantis for a while. just noticed your answer here, CJ. I did buy Atlantis from your site. Thanks a lot. I'm a real computer novice so your instructions are very helpful

    4. CJ, I'm trying to apply poetry styles to my poetry book. For example, I highlight text I want to indent & then double click on poetry 01. It then changes that text to ariel (from times new roman) & it makes it 1.5 spacing rather than single spaced. any ideas on how to fix? Thanks!!

    5. Dixie,

      I don't know how that could have happened, unless your template somehow got changed.

      To double-check, I just looked at my copy of CJ's Easy As Pie Template, and verify that Poetry 01 is Times New Roman, and single space.

      Please check to see what template you are using this way:

      Tools | Options | Formats & Templates

      The name of the template you have loaded will appear in a little window..

      Let me know...